Outsourcing Software Development

Where do Middle East Companies Outsource Software Development?
Outsourcing is a prime driver behind engineering a successful and healthy business and economic model.

Top Reasons for Outsourcing Software Development

According to Statistics Brain, 43 percent of U.S. companies are outsourcing jobs from the IT industry. The top benefits for outsourcing according to the surveyed companies are:

  • Cost savings (44%)
  • Access to larger pools of IT talent (34%)
  • Freeing up the workforce within the company (31%)
  • Improvement of the company’s business and/or customer focus (28%)
  • Fueling digital transformation (22%)
  • Faster project development (15%)
  • Access to the management expertise (15%)
  • Reduction of time to market (9%)
Cost Savings

Getting the most bang for your buck is a hallmark notion that businesses need to abide by. Increasing the cost-savings amplitude for a company’s performance leads above all others as the driving factor for outsourcing. The fact that 44% of respondents agree, as outsourcing is not only much more affordable than hiring and training new employees to work on a short-term project, they’re just as likely to deliver on the high-quality products you’re looking for.

Access to Larger Pools of IT Talent

The Middle East has been experiencing a drought in IT talent recently, making our options for capable individuals limited, scarce. Compared to our small pond, branching out into other countries to draw on their reserves is like being given access to a lake, sea, or ocean full of potential team members.

Freeing Up the Workforce Within the Company

Outsourcing is an exercise in delegation, spreading up the workload to help increase efficiency. By keeping everything in-house, you’ll only have so much manpower to go around for handling every project that’s currently being produced or left waiting on the bench. Bringing in outside help means more hands to address those concerned projects, freeing up your employees that might have otherwise been constrained to work on other pressing core competencies.

Improvement of Company’s Business & Customer Focus

A concept that goes hand-in-hand with proper delegation, with your attention less split between finishing all your projects on the table, you’re free to turn your focus to other properties. As a result, not only will your production rates increase with more projects being churned out, but acquiring new feedback from your customer’s while addressing their needs and concerns generates a positive image of your company, a net gain by any standard.

Fueling Digital Transformation

Digital technologies are the key that unlock the next stage of modern business. Transforming your business to adapt and leverage these technologies, however, is a process that remains ongoing in many organizations. Through outsourcing, you’ll be able to further fuel your digital transformation with a new labor pool of talent, core competencies refocusing, and dedicated, strategic transition from traditional business practices to modern digital activities.

Faster Project Development

An outsourced company is only going to have one thing to focus on: completing your project. The same can’t be said with confidence of your own in-house teams, as their attentions are likely to be torn between juggling several projects and competencies at once. With a devoted outsourcing team applied to a project, you can expect faster turnaround time.

Access to the Management Expertise

Those working at an outsourcing company are experienced employees with years of software development under their belt. The management skills derived from experience working on countless projects for a variety of companies will prove to be invaluable in a partnership.

Reduction of Time to Market

Software development is time consuming, and working out all the bugs and quirks in your code before it can be shipped off can be tedious and frustrating. With a dedicated outsourcing team on your project, the time spent on the overall time it takes between the completion of a project and sending it out to market is drastically cut down.

Top Locations to Outsource Software Development

India is the leading country for offshore outsourcing with over 25 years experience and a huge pool of IT specialists. India offers lowest service prices and a well-educated, growing workforce - prices ranging from $10-35/hour. Collaboration with UAE companies and Middle East companies works well due to geographical proximity, and cultural affinity. The government is investing in improving their business environment in order to provide services for international companies.

What Makes a Company a Hot Spot for Outsourcing?

Knowing the measure by which a company proves its worth as an outsourcing hot spot makes all the difference. As such, we wanted to provide further illumination into what defines a company as being an essential hot spot for outsourcing.

1. Cost of Core Services

By no other measure, it’s a well established point that outsourcing work to a foreign country is leagues cheaper than outsourcing work to your local UAE or Middle East company. Opting for a UAE outsourcing company may feel more comfortable, just by virtue of sharing the same soil, but even then it’s no guarantee that they’re going to deliver a better product than a cheaper alternative.

Your first step is to leverage the cost benefits and savings in a comparison between local, nearshore, and offshore outsourcing companies. Consideration such as this will weigh heavily on the overall cost of labor, communications, managing remote teams, and facilities

2. Labor Pool Size and Quality

The next aspect to consider when measuring the prospective value and worth of an outsourcing partner is the value of the talent pool they’re pulling from. The UAE based development companies may be faltering on providing sufficient workers to satiate our need for quality team members, but other countries have a surplus to access. Evaluating the labor pool size and quality is a necessary step to ensure you can deliver on supplying great talent that’s aligned to your teaming approach.

3. Time Zone and Culture Affinity

This step is important in ensuring you’ll be able to efficiently work with your partner, depending on how easy it is to communicate and cooperate with them. Sourcing from a distant time zone, can be difficult, while a lack of cultural cohesion can create friction. While most outsourcing companies will suffer from either one or both of these, India based software development company with UAE office stands as the most readily available partner that fits both the time zone and the culture affinity bills.

Whatever you end up going with, just know that you’ll be involved in high interaction, constant collaboration, and real-time communication and information exchanges to ensure your project progresses smoothly.

4. Ease of Doing Business

Time gap is a potential risk when outsourcing to other countries. Remote Agile teams need sufficient overlapping working hours to stay efficient. As we discussed with time zones previously, the farther apart you are, the less room you’ll have to appreciate steady, effective communication with your outsourcing partner. The further around the globe you travel, the less likely it’ll be that your working hours coincide. You should find that your outsourcing work is still pliable and flexible enough to handle on a daily basis to ensure simple contracting, IP protection, solid communication proficiency, cultural compatibility, security, and privacy.

5. Technical Skills

One of the most important things to check off your list is the availability of technical skills in the outsourcing companies you approach. Specialized skills that cover virtually any and every field applicable to the work your company is involved in ensures that you’re placing this project in capable hands and will receive finished work according to your expectations and specifications.

6. Industry Experience

It’s a risk taking a gamble on green software engineers. Sure, they may have the graduate scores to prove it, but scoring high on a test and having the proven quality expertise to back up their claims are two separate beasts. Establishing the parameters on whether or not your partners have proven they possess the domain and subject matter expertise to prove their mettle to you.

7. Availability of IT Framework

The quality of an outsourcing partner’s work is largely dependent on how well-funded their country’s interest in the IT industry is. You need to be certain that where you look has an established investment in the IT framework that determines how well developed and fueled any potential IT partners will be.

8. Application Services Availability

If you find that, after all is said and done, that your applications isn’t even attainable in your country, then your entire venture with this project is virtually worthless. Take into consideration the availability that your application will be subject to consumers, and that enough customers will be able to readily access its services regardless of location.

9. Quality of References

Never, ever, ever finalize a decision without a background check. An outsourcing company may seem like an excellent option, but without proper homework being done, there’s little else besides someone’s promises and word that you’ll be partnering with the right people. Be sure to consult reliable and direct references for the established outsourcers that align to your business and innovation goals.

Summing It Up

When taking all of these potential factors that determine whether a nearshore or offshore outsourcing company is right for you, there’s only one company that effectively covers every possible base: Axobis Technologies Pvt Ltd - Kerala India, the company sporting a huge high-quality labor pool to pull from and ensure quality delivery on time.

If you’re ever looking to outsource, Axobis is the best possible, cost-effective choice for your company.

There are plenty of reasons why UAE companies and Middle East companies wind up outsourcing their work, whether it be to free up some manpower in house or to increase the positive image of their company. One thing is for certain, however, and it’s that outsourcing is the number one function for developing a cost-effective company, increasing your productivity without sacrificing quality, core competency focus, or a wad of cash.

There are just around 10 factors you need to make sure to address before finalizing your decision on a partnership. Out of the most popular hot spots for software development outsourcing around the world, Axobis stands out head and shoulders above the rest for how readily it conforms to effortlessly working with Middle East based companies to collaborate on overall success.

Industries WE Serve

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