Web Application Development Company

Web applications offers a wide range of business advantages - We build web applications that are guaranteed to improve efficiency, competitiveness and profitability of your businesses.

Web-based applications are applications that uses a website as the interface or front-end. Users can easily access the application from any computer or TAB or Mobile Device connected to the Internet using web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

The web applications runs on a web server, rather than on the PC, or local server for traditional applications. This contrasts with traditional desktop applications, which are installed on a local computer and connected over LAN network. Most of us are familiar with Microsoft Word, a common word-processing application that is a desktop application. On the other hand, Google Docs is also a word-processing application but users perform all the functions using a web browser instead of using software installed on their computer - it is a web-based application.

Almost any desktop software can be developed as a web-based application.

At Axobis, we develop web application designed to suit your unique businesses needs. If you’re currently using an off-the-shelf software that can’t keep your business up, or if you are in a period of business growth, we can help.

Web application development process

With improvements in security and technology web based applications have evolved significantly over recent years. The development of the web-based application is pretty similar to the regular desktop application development it has some differences that may impact the overall process and make it more complex in some aspects.

  • Initial discussion
  • Requirements analysis
  • Timeline and cost estimation
  • Planning and Design
  • The development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment and maintenance

At Axobis, we’ve helped a number of our clients improve productivity and efficiency in their business through the development of a custom web application


Software as a Service - SaaS

With SaaS, customers pay to use software via the web as a service on demand, by paying a subscription rather than outright purchase. Software is usually licensed by number of users and/or levels of features.

The SaaS model allows developers and vendors to keep control the hosting and operation of the software. Customers do not have to worry about hardware/software compatibility and support to run an application. Eliminating a major overhead in large corporate environments.